Press Release UN Verification Mission in Colombia. August 29.2019

29 Aug 2019

Press Release UN Verification Mission in Colombia. August 29.2019

Bogotá, 29 August 2019. The UN Verification Mission in Colombia strongly rejects and condemns the  announcement by a small group of former FARC-EP combatants that they have taken up arms again.

The Mission highlights the firm commitment of the vast majority of men and women in the reintegration process who continue to comply with the Agreement and encourages them to persist in their commitment to peace.

The Final Peace Agreement signed in 2016 between the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP has put an end five decades of confrontation. The UN Verification Mission commends the resilience of Colombian society and its institutions, and calls on them to maintain their faith in a peace process that has saved thousands of lives.

The Mission acknowledges that peacebuilding is complex and requires long-term efforts. The Mission also recognizes the commitment of the parties and urges them to redouble efforts for the comprehensive implementation of the Final Peace Agreement.

The Mission and the UN Country Team reiterate their full commitment to peacebuilding in Colombia, working hand in hand with the parties, Colombian society, and the international community.


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