Conduct and Discipline

Mandate of the Office of Conduct and Discipline:


The mandate of the Office of Conduct and Discipline includes the following actions:

  1. Act as the focal point of the Mission in all matters related to conduct and discipline, including everything related to sexual exploitation and abuse.
  2. Receive complaints or reports of misconduct committed by Mission personnel and provide advice on the steps to be followed in accordance with the rules and procedures of the United Nations.
  3. Design and implement actions to prevent misconduct on the part of Mission personnel.
  4. Follow up on assistance to Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Mission personnel.
  5. All information is treated in with CONFIDENTIALITY.


What is expected from the behaviour of persons working for the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia? 

It is expected that they:

  • Have Zero Tolerance to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse:
    • Do not offer work, money or goods in exchange for sex.
    • Do not hire prostitution services.
    • Do not have sex with people under 18
  • Do not abuse alcohol
  • Do not consume any type of drugs
  • Do not participate in illegal activities
  • Act with impartiality and respect to the actors of the peace process
  • Respect local culture and beliefs.
  • Respect Colombian Laws


How and where to report acts of misconduct?

Phone number: (57) 320 3189229 



Complaints about misconduct must contain, as far as possible, the following information:

  • What happened exactly?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Who are the persons of the Mission involved (name, category of personnel, position, place of work and other information that allows identifying the presumed subject)?
  • Who can be possible witnesses to the incident (name, place, contact information)?
  • Name and contact information of the complainant


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