What are the characteristics of the Verification Mission?

  • It is a Mission requested by the parties to the United Nations Security Council. The UN Verification Mission will act exclusively and will not be integrated into a tripartite mechanism as in the first mission.
  • It will operate for a period of one year, renewable if necessary.
  • Will begin all verification activities on 26 September, immediately after completion of the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Colombia.
  • It will have a constant dialogue with the Commission for Follow-up, Promotion and Verification of the Implementation of the Final Agreement, the National Reincorporation Council and the National Commission for Security Guarantees.
  • It will conduct regional and local verification, with combined teams led by civilian personnel, 120 international military and police observers to ensure liaison with the police force.
  • Will have an articulation with the United Nations Country Team Members in Colombia in accordance with their respective mandates.
  • The UN Secretary-General will report to the Security Council every 90 days.


What subjects will verify the Mission?

Two sections of the Final Agreement must be verified by the Mission:

Section 3.2 Reincorporation of FARC-EP members into political, economic and social life. The contents of the Agreement to be specifically verified are:

  • Political reincorporation
  • Guarantees for the new party or political movement that arises from the transit of the FARC-EP to legal political activity.
  • Economic and social reincorporation.

Section 3.4 Guarantees of security and fight against the organizations and criminal conducts responsible for homicides and massacres, which attack human rights defenders, social movements or political movements or that threaten those who participate in the implementation of the agreements and the peacebuilding, including criminal organizations that have been designated as successors to paramilitaries and their support networks.

The contents of the Agreement to be specifically verified are:

  • Protection measures, personal and collective security guarantees
  • An integral security system for the exercise of politics, especially for members of the FARC-EP and their families.
  • Comprehensive programmes on security and protection measures for communities and organizations in the territories.