UN Department of Political Affairs Partners visit Vistahermosa, Meta.

13 Feb 2018

UN Department of Political Affairs Partners visit Vistahermosa, Meta.

On February 1 and 2, a commission made up 20 sponsoring countries from the United Nations Department of Political Affairs – UN DPA – visited Colombia to obtain first-hand knowledge of the implementation of the Peace Agreement and the work performed by the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia (UNVMC).

The commission held meetings with representatives of the national government, the international community, civil society and FARC on February 1 in Bogota.

On February 2, the Government of the department of Meta, the community of the village La Coperativa in Vistahermosa, and the community of the ETCR located there, welcomed the visit made by representatives of various countries, sympathetic to the Peace Process, as well as members of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs and the United Nations Verification Mission.



Delegates from France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands and Norway arrived in Villavicencio where they held their first meeting with the Governor of Meta, Marcela Amaya. Governor Amaya thanked the presence and support of United Nations in the department of Meta and emphasized the importance of achieving better coordination among institutions at the local and national levels to ensure successful implementation of the Peace Agreement. She also reiterated her willingness to lead peace-building and reconciliation initiatives in that department.



Afterwards, visitors set off to the town of Vistahermosa, where they had the opportunity to talk with leaders of La Cooperativa community. Heads of the Community Action Committees and representatives of NGOs discussed the main benefits, issues, and challenges faced in the current context. Security, health and education services delivery and comprehensive rural development encouragement were the main topics of discussion.

Later on, delegates had the chance to share insights on the productive initiatives taking place in the Territorial Space for Reincorporation and Training located in La Cooperativa with Jairo González Mora (“Bayron Yepes”), Desiderio Aguilar (“Ernesto Aguilar”), and Sandra Morelia (“Carolina”) who are the leaders and coordinators  of this space. Gonzáles briefed participants on both the concerns and achievements reached so far, particularly regarding sacha inchi and sugar cane plantations, as well as a plan they have devised on the implementation of a tourism project.



Country delegates and the DPA thanked the parties –organizations, communities, and FARC- for their willingness and efforts in order to reach the compromises they agreed on. For their part, in all scenarios, participants highlighted the importance of counting on the support of the international community, without which “the agreement would not have been possible” as pointed out by Yepes. Delegates also insisted that continuity in providing support is essential to carry forward initiatives that ensure sustainable reintegration and a stable peace.


Por: Daniela Lucía Vargas Moreno, Public Information Officer - Regional Office Villavicencio. 

Images of the event here.