Press Release UN Verification Mission in Colombia

1 Jul 2019

Press Release UN Verification Mission in Colombia

Bogotá, 1 July, 2019. The United Nations Verification Mission expresses its concern at the decision of Mr. Seuxis Paucis Hernández Solarte, known as Jesus Santrich, to depart from his security scheme, given the implications that deriver from it, including risks to his personal security. The Verification Mission urges Mr Hernandez to attend and comply with his obligations, including the summons to the Supreme Court of Justice on July 9.

The Verification Mission also recalls that the commitments made by all former combatants include their collaboration with the Integrated System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-repetition, especially their appearance before the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, when required.

In particular, the Mission emphasises the special responsibility of FARC leaders to set an example and actively contribute to ensuring the success of the reintegration process, as established in section 3.3 of the Final Peace Agreement.

In corroborating that the vast majority of ex-combatants remain committed to the reintegration process and have signed acts of commitment before the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, the Verification Mission calls on the signatories to the Agreement to continue to build confidence in the process and reaffirm their commitment to implementation in order to successfully consolidate peace.



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